Modeling of buildings in a row for design purposes

MEŠIĆ-COM d.o.o.

Ribnjak, Zagreb

13 ha


2.2 cm/pixel

A 3D model of a buildings in the row made for the purposes of designing the future buildings.

Ribnjak, Zagreb by GEO OMEGA

Modeling the beach and its environment for design purposes


Paklinski islands

2 ha


2.30 cm/pixel

The 3D model of the beach and its environment has been developed for the design and future landscaping purposes.

Carpe Diem Beach by GEO OMEGA

Modeling of the object and the environment for design purposes

Ilija Tokić

cadastral municipality Sesvete

1.5 ha


1.85 cm/pixel

3D model of the family house and garden in the reconstruction for the purposes of comparison with the project and future landscaping has been made during this project.

Surface and terrain modelling for design purposes

GENERACIJA 19 d.o.o.

cadastral municipality Gračani

2.3 ha


2.5 cm/pixel

The project included creation of 3D models of terrain and surfaces used for the design of a residential building.