Cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb

Faculty experimental station Jazbina

70 ha


3.5 cm/pixel

Cooperation gave insight in some of the possible unmanned aerial system applications in agriculture. These collaboration emerged two scientific papers and several student workshops in Croatia and Slovenia.

Glasnik zaštite bilja 4/2015

Uas application in protection of permanent crops

51st Croatian and 11th International Symposium on Agriculture

UAS application in horticultural production

The establishment of precise agriculture in Pavelić orchard

Pavelić proizvodnja d.o.o.

cadastral municipality Podvornica, Vukojevac

43 ha


4.5 cm/pixel

In order to establish the precise agriculture a 3D model of the orchard, orthomosaic, DSM, DTM and NDVI has been made. From DSM and DTM map of terrain depressions in the orchard has been made, followed by counting the healthy apple trees in the orchard. Part of the project was presented at the 9th Symposium of Licensed Geodetic Engineers.