Medvedgrad 3D model



Project contained 3D model development of Medvedgrad fort and was applied for Pix4Dchallenge#2 on the occasion of World Surveyors day 2018. As part of it won the 1st prize. The ranking contained quantitative criteria (precision) and qualitative criteria (accuracy).

3D model - Kaštel Ožegovićianum


cadastral municipality Senj

The project included the development of 3D model for Kaštel Ožegovićianum and the surrounding area based on point clouds that were created from terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry. From the 3D model characteristic lines of the object in CAD has been drawn. Digital ortoforto and orthophoto of facades reaching resolutions of 2 mm, which served as a basis for creating current state 2D drafts of the building, has been made.