In the past 10 years since we provide surveying services we've always put our client in the first place, approaching his request in a way to successfuly resolve it, but at the same time bring him closer to the things we do. Always following the progress of technology we are sure that every day we are step closer and accessible to our customers, which is our goal.


Our vision of geodesy is always to record reality in the best possible way, either in terms of boundaries, buildings or their movements, infrastructure or in the case of models that contain millions of points and collected data which widely opens the door of the fourth dimension.


Our team consists of six geodetic experts, of which 1 charted geodetic engineer, 2 charted geodetic engineer trainees, 1 geodetic engineer, one expert associate and one geodetic technician.

We operate as compact and efficient team, dedicating to each project the time it takes to be completed as soon as possible, but above all satisfying all your requests.